The EU has adopted the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), ushering in more extensive sustainability reporting for EU-based companies. ecoPRISM, an all-in-one platform automating the collection and analysis of sustainability data, is gearing up to streamline data collection for companies, helping them meet the requirements of the recently adopted CSRD.

In a recent talk with "Dagens industri," Tomas Brane, MD and Vishakha Goel, Head of Sustainability at ecoPRISM, highlighted that the new regulation affects numerous EU-based companies, estimated to be around 50,000. Additionally, non-EU companies with offices or subsidiaries in the EU must comply with these rules if their turnover exceeds €150 million starting in 2028.

The CSRD aims to enhance transparency and provide stakeholders with comprehensive insights into companies' sustainability practices. ecoPRISM goes beyond data collection, empowering companies to identify areas for improvement and optimize their sustainability initiatives. As companies navigate the complexities of the CSRD, ecoPRISM offers a streamlined solution for comprehensive sustainability reporting, promoting transparency and driving positive environmental impact effectively.