Our Integrated Platform allows you to seamlessly aggregate and report data to supercharge your insights and recommendations against ESG indicators and power toward a sustainable future.

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Streamlined data collection and management with our Data integration suite

  • Internal systems using standard and custom data connectors such as excel, PDF, ERPs, HRMS, BMS, etc.
  • External sources such as billing APIs, carbon registries, REC registries, etc., using market connectors.
  • Customized forms and applications to collect primary data from a variety of stakeholders.

The captured data is automatically converted into a standardized format, allowing for easy comparison and analysis. The platform intelligently handles units and currency conversions and organizes the data according to your preferred time periods and company structure requirements.

An exhaustive collection of factors is used to accurately calculate the ESG metrics. The repository is updated periodically and version-controlled to ensure time-sensitive factors are used accordingly.

Our powerful calculation engine processes the collected data to derive essential ESG metrics and KPIs, providing meaningful insights into your company's sustainable performance.

ESG Reporting

ecoPRISM simplifies the reporting process, enabling you to create comprehensive ESG reports with ease. Generate professional reports that showcase your sustainability efforts, transparently communicate progress, and align with global reporting standards.




Targets and Progress Monitoring

Set ambitious ESG targets aligned with your organization's values and industry benchmarks. ecoPRISM allows you to monitor your progress towards these goals, offering real-time updates and alerts when deviations occur. This helps you stay on track and make data-driven decisions to achieve your sustainability objectives.

Insights and Scenario Analysis

Unlock valuable insights into your company's ESG performance through our sophisticated analytics tools. Conduct scenario analysis to understand the potential impact of different sustainability strategies and identify areas for improvement. These insights empower you to proactively address sustainability challenges and seize opportunities for growth.


Receive intelligent recommendations based on industry best practices and successful ESG strategies. Our platform identifies areas where improvements can be made, suggests relevant actions, and highlights potential benefits of implementing sustainable initiatives.